Do Nootropic Brain Supplements Really Work?

There’s a constant stream of diet fads to tap into. The gluten free foods one is a great example, a trend with absolutely no health benefits unless you are genuinely allergic to gluten. If you’re not allergic all you’re doing is depriving your body of something it needs, but the trend has gone international all the same – millions of people are buying gluten free and manufacturers are stepping in with new gluten free products to fan the flames.

As a rule, things that promise the earth but require no effort from you are usually scams. Diet pills, for example, just don’t work. You can’t simply take a pill and lose weight without changing what you eat and getting off your ass to do regular exercise. Wishful thinking? Yes. Veracity? No.

The nootropic brain supplement fad is a big one. So do any of these curious preparations actually improve your brain’s functionality in a measurable, proven way that makes a noticeable difference? Or are nootropics just another brand of junk science, something that people would love to work, but in reality are nothing but a placebo? Do nootropic brain supplements really work?

The short answer is probably not. Even the alleged best nootropics and nootropic supplements don’t affect your brain’s performance. As one website says, “Due to the wide variety of supplements classed as nootropics, there’s no single way of explaining how they work.” If that doesn’t instantly strike you as fishy, it should.

We could talk all day about the research that shows these products don’t work, or at least can’t be proven scientifically to work. But it’s probably more sensible to talk about the two preparations that actually have some scientific evidence to back up the claims made about them, notably ordinary, everyday caffeine and something called L-theanine. They’re both found in green tea and in coffee, in small doses, but when you buy them in nootropic pill form the concentrations you get are way higher.

The idea behind caffeine as a nootropic drug is that it can improve motivation and focus by increasing catecholamine signaling. But like many substances, you soon build up a tolerance. L-theanine is simple stuff, merely a common amino acid. One study suggested it promotes neuronal health by cutting down psychological and physiological stress responses, which is actually the reason it is so often taken alongside caffeine supplements – it takes away those awful jitters you get from too much caffeine. The results of the research suggest caffeine in combination with L-theanine makes you more alert, better at switching tasks effectively, with a longer attention span, especially in the first two hours after taking the supplement. But the scientists also found that most of the effects are down to the caffeine rather than the L-theanine.

It looks like it’s not much use consuming what the experts call an entire nootropic stack. Even the top nootropics cannot be reliably proven to work. In fact many experts say the impact people seem to notice is nothing more than a placebo effect, and an expensive one at that. Read any decent science-based, non-sales focused nootropics review and you’ll find that these so-called cognitive enhancers are not the best brain supplements, if indeed there’s such a thing as an effective brain supplement at all.

There is, on the other hand, such a thing as the placebo effect, and it is a mighty powerful thing. Let’s start with the nocebo effect, though, just to show you how powerful your brain already is, and how remarkably suggestive. Say you curse somebody to death. If they believe your curse will work, they will die. It sounds silly, maybe something only primitive or uneducated people would experience. But that’s just not the case. Have you heard the story of the man diagnosed with terminal cancer, who obediently died a few weeks later? A Post Mortem revealed he didn’t have cancer at all, he’d been given someone else’s test results by mistake. It just goes to show how very suggestible we are, and how very potent those suggestions can be.

Rather than spend a lot of money on quackery, on supplements that can’t be proved to work, you could spend next to nothing and enjoy the same powerful effects. Buy a roll of mint sweets and tell yourself they’ll make your brain work better. Then sit back and see what happens. Bearing in mind that placebos work just as well even if you know for a fact you’re taking a placebo, you’ll probably find that mints are just as likely as nootropics to deliver better brain performance. Alternatively, simply make yourself a good, strong cup of coffee and off you go…

Ways to Boost Women’s Health

Retaining a fine innate well-being is one of the duties towards our bodies health and fitness. In this period of unhealthy food, bad eating habits, one can find it exceedingly tricky and complex to break these habits. Staying healthy and fit is important for everyone. Although a man and woman have distinct needs and requirements for their body, there is little difference between how a man maintains his health and how a woman does. While a man needs to focus on his inner and outer strength to perform his daily and manly tasks that need strength and energy, a woman needs to focus on her health and inner strength to stay fit and strong to maintain the health of her family as well.

Boost Women's HealthThere, still, is how a woman has different ways to be fit and healthy. Let us have a look on health tips for a woman:

1. Proper exercise: A woman should be committed to doing a proper exercise. Then she is more resistance to diseases and disorders. It is always advisable to start the aerobics exercises in the morning as it brings freshness and calm.

2. Practice Yoga: Yoga is by far the best exercise for everybody. And women are likely to be benefitted to a larger extent than gym exercises. Yoga focuses on strength and flexibility of the body and can allow for mental relaxation. There are plenty of classes around which can be found from a simple ‘yoga classes near me‘ search in google.

3. Running: Running keeps one fit and strong. Women should also develop habits of running or walking. Running burns extra calories and controls weight.

4. Food: Eat lots of green vegetables and drink plenty of juices. These contain vitamins which are essential to your health and immune system.

5. Birth control: It is always said that the earlier, the better. So if you are young and planning for a family, plan now. A woman’s pregnancy chances are decreased as they age toward menopause. It is advisable to reproduce only two babies.

6. Avoid developing stress: A woman can be a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and if this is the case, she has more responsibility than a man. In such case, it is essential to managing stress. She has to take care of everything side by side. Therefore, it requires a great effort to stabilize everything.

7. Aerobics: Apart from exercises and Yoga, Aerobics could be more within your interests. Not only does it keep the heart healthy but also shapes one’s body.

8. Visit your doctor regularly: Health checks up should be done at every sixth month. Discuss things with your doctor about health, diet, food, exercises and pregnancy.

9. Outdoor activities: These include exercises such as Swimming. Swimming is a strenuous exercise, and a woman would develop the strong physique and good habits of staying cool and calm.

10. Sleep: A woman needs plenty of sleep. She could be anything like mother, wife and side by side being a professional. So she has got loads of work to finish apart from their carrier work. Therefore, as said for healing power, good sleep is essential for a woman. At least 6-7 hours of good sleep would work.

How to Maintain the Health of Your Child?

Health of Your ChildHealth is significant for every human being. When it comes to examining the health of a child, you require taking extra precautions and concern because they are the individuals who keep growing rapidly and they require additional nourishment for their strong and healthy growth. At times when kids mature emotionally and physically, it’s very important to set up good nutritional habits to maintain proper health and growth of your child.

The worry of child weight loss is in attention these days because mothers are too concerned about the eating habits of their children and their loss of interest in healthy and balanced diet as a result of which they get weak and start losing weight. Parents especially the mothers find themselves in a very difficult and confusing position when they are told that their child is underweight or overweight. The health risks for children are enormous these days and with the growing level of pollution and germs, it is spreading even at a faster rate.

Weight loss in children is a very complicated problem for numerous reasons. First of all you must remember that your child is growing, and they need a solid nutritional diet as a foundation to maintain their overall health and stamina. Being obese or overweight is equally a serious issue because suppressing a child’s hunger is not a solution as well. The most important problem is to handle the issue productively. The primary focus should always remain on their health. Limiting what the children consume will worsen the problem and interfere with their overall development. You must visit a pediatrician to preserve and uphold the health of your child. You must consult about all the health issues he is dealing with and also discuss the regular diet.

Planning a dietary schedule is very important if you want to sustain his health as it may fluctuate with time and growth of your child. You must consider his needs as well as compelling the child to eat something they hardly like will not any good and can lead to irritation. Trying out healthy yet innovative dishes are important. Junk food should also be avoided the most but sometimes consuming these foods will do no harm. The healthy habits that must be followed by a child are:

• Taking proper exercise in the form of playing, other activity and running.

• Taking meals on time without any delay that can ensure proper metabolism of their body.

• Having nutritious food of all types containing vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates that can maintain their growth on a normal scale.

• Eating green vegetables.

• Having a health supplement or an energy drink that can be effective for improving the strength of their bones, muscles and mental balance.

• Avoiding junk food or unhealthy fatty food that can lead to overweight.
Eating habits are also very important for the health of your child. Maintaining a proper healthy habit, avoiding germs, washing hands before eating are few things a child must learn for his overall development.

Sleeping on Time to Improve Your Health

With technology rising, social media has become a way of life. People have become wired to their smartphones and laptops that most don’t really sleep right. If you are one of them, this madness has to stop or you will jeopardize your health. It is never too late anyway and here are some of the things we would want you to do to get back on the right sleeping habits. But before that, you must be aware of the risk that you are getting yourself into when you don’t get the right sleep.

Sleeping on TimeHere are some facts from people who have burned both ends of their candles by not sleeping right and unfortunately, they weren’t able to wake up again the last time they tried to rest. A copywriter from Thailand was a victim of this practice that she even live-tweeted her experience before finally succumbing to her lack of sleep for more than 48 hours. She pounded in a lot of energy drink because she has a lot of work to finish in the office. After that, reports came that she just collapsed after almost hitting 3 days of not having enough sleep.

Another story of someone who worked for more than 24 hours with only a few sleeps was an employee from Bank of America. He pounded in a lot of coffee and just stayed in the office working his brains out until he finally died. Don’t ever abuse your body by not getting enough sleep. Your heart could just collapse and it is often the cause of high blood pressure. This is totally avoidable and it would take some discipline on your end to pull this off. This is often a struggle for gamers as well. They spend way too much time on their games that some would even go for days straight without sleeping because they needed to finish the said game.

If you’re a parent and your child is experiencing addiction to video games, it is time that you educate them on the consequences of their lack of sleep. Awareness is key to almost everything that deals with our health. Once it is addressed and the mind becomes aware, it will be easy for anyone to deal with whatever it is that their body needs.

We don’t also advise that you get into sleeping pills because some have complications and side effects to the body. Set your alarm clock next to you and make sure that you don’t put a snooze time on it. That is what usually messes up your sleep cycle. Make it a point to sleep on time and make sure that you have at least eight hours of it. Your body needs to recuperate on time and it must repair other parts during the night time, which is why you are really required to sleep at night and do your business during daytime. Get a warm glass of milk or start meditating for just half an hour and you’d be able to get some sleep.

Natural Remedies for Common Colds and Flu

Natural Remedies for Common Colds and FluPay attention to this article because this could actually save you a lot of money that you won’t have to go to the doctor anymore or buy some antibiotics just to feel better. If it is just the common colds and flu that you are about to have, the solution here will help you a lot. Just a little disclaimer, this is best to apply before your cold or flu become full on. It is a way to prevent from further infecting your body with the virus and bacteria brought by this common disease.

Here are the things that you will need:

1. One shot of apple cider vinegar
2. A drop of oil oregano
3. One clove of garlic (pressed or pounded)
4. Orange juice or water

Put the clove of garlic on the shot of apple cider vinegar and drink up! Drink the orange juice as your chaser. After that, drop some oil of oregano to your mouth and make sure that you swallow it. Drink another glass of orange juice. Do this when you feel like you are already about to get that cold or flu on the first day. Don’t wait to the next day when you’re already in bed and can’t get up to work.

If you are suffering from soar throat and severe dry cough, here are the ingredients and solutions that you must remember:

1. Green tea (1 cup)
2. 2 tbsp. lemon
3. Cayenne pepper
4. 1 chili
5. 1 drop of oil of oregano
6. a pinch of cinnamon
7. ginger
8. a shot of apple cider vinegar
9. 1 clove of garlic

Basically, just put all the ingredients in your cup of green tea and drink that up. Again, this is not exactly something that you would want to drink because the taste is just awful. But this is guaranteed to heal your soar throat, especially when you have tonsillitis. You would be surprised on how the inflammation would die down with this formula. Even your cough, cold and fever will be addressed with these ingredients.

All of the ingredients here are so easy to find that some of them are right in your kitchen or pantry. Make sure that you have a stock of these ingredients all the time, so you won’t have to rush outside the market when you’re already feeling sick. These will prevent you from completely being bed ridden because of common influenza and it could even prevent you from contamination other people as well. It is also always best that you pack your body with Vitamin C. Drinking orange juice and other citrus drinks would keep colds and flu away from your system.

Instead of having to buy cough syrup and medications for the colds, use the solution we have above and you would even save a lot of cash! The next time you feel lie you are going to be sick, get all these ingredients and start making them before it is too late!